Sustainability Policy


Our policy is aimed at sustainability and quality. We have charming, comfortable facilities with competent staff and qualified providers, enabling us to be competitive with regards to attending to urban and rural accommodation, service of events, our restaurants and recreational options. We maintain our commitment to protecting the environment by minimising the consumption of natural resources and appropriately handling waste. Furthermore, we promote the destination, guaranteeing the preservation of traditions and working together with the community to offer conditions supporting an improvement in citizens’ quality of life. We prevent and reject the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. We promote the rights and duties of collaborators, clients and providers.


• To receive what was agreed
• To accurate information
• To safety
• To free expression of personality
• To freely decide
• To respect for their decisions and opinions
• To work
• To life

• To respect local regulations
• To respect the rights of others
• To understand in advance the community, destination and regulations.
• To help preserve the natural setting. To protect wild flora and fauna and their habitat, and to refrain from purchasing products made from endangered plants or animals as this is a crime that contributes to their extinction.
• To respect cultural resources. Tourist activities must be enjoyed with respect for the artistic heritage.
• To refrain from trafficking drugs, arms, antiques, protected species, products and substances that are deemed hazardous or prohibited by national regulations.


• To be informed of the hotel’s sustainability policy.
• To be paid appropriately.
• To have preference shown to providers who demonstrate their commitment to the sustainable development of the region.
• To have preference shown to providers from the region.
• To have the confidential information maintained as thus after being made available to the hotel.
• To be evaluated objectives and not discriminated against due to race, religion, age or gender.
• To make recommendations regarding the quality and safety of their products and/or services so they are more effective and efficient.
• To receive information on work safety standards when entering the hotel’s facilities.
• To attend training events offered by the hotel when these are related to the services and/or products they offer or when they refer to the socialisation of the hotel’s Emergency Plan.


• To understand the hotel’s sustainability policy.
• To deliver products and/or services in the appropriate manner and in accordance with requirements and at a fair price.
• To comply with the appropriate affiliations and payments to the Socail Security System, if an individual, and/or those for their employees if a legal entity.
• To submit the documentation required by the hotel.
• To comply with current legislation for the corresponding sector.
• To assign qualified staff to the undertaking of the activities contracted.
• To use quality materials and consumables that are respectful of the environment in the manufacture of their products.
• To take care of the implements, tools and equipment of the hotel that are used when undertaking their activities and/or services.
• To attend training events when invited by the hotel as the nature of the product and/or service offered requires it.
• To identify the waste of chemical substances or products and hazardous materials that result from their activity at the hotel and to guarantee their suitable handling, storage and/or final disposal.
• To fulfil requirements regarding the existing formats and/or the preparation of reports as corresponds to the activity to be undertaken in the hotel facilities.

Hotel Soratama, Torre San Simón and Casa de Campo los Alcázares undertake to:

• Comply with the Code of Conduct and declare their rejection of the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
• Reject acts of discrimination due to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, nationality or disability.
• Reject the trafficking of flora and fauna.
• Promote regional tourist sites, recommending responsible and sustainable tourism.

“Try to contribute with your presence to the development of responsible and sustainable tourism, constructing with your visit a healthier and more supportive planet.”

Download the Sustainability Manual here


At Hotel Soratama, Torre San Simón and Casa de Campo los Alcázares, we are committed to preserving the environment. We separate waste and we implement actions to save and efficiently use energy and water. We handle chemical products and consumable goods appropriately, while we seek suppliers and clients who will assist us in fulfilling our objectives in environmental sustainability. For this reason, we invite you to use your towels and bed sheets more than once and that you also make appropriate use of resources.